Version 3.0.4 Released: Calendar Grid, Grid Colors

by Doug November 01, 2009 22:56

CalGrid I just released a minor update to CacheStats .  The most notable feature in this release is a “Finds by Day of Year” grid, similar to ones you’ve probably seen in user profiles that were generated by other statistics programs.  The grid shows your number of finds for each day of the year.  You can choose to show each year individually or all years combined (although when exporting to your profile, only the all-years-combined grid will show).  Need another excuse to get out geocaching?  Probably not, but if you’re one who can’t stand those open squares in your grid, you’ll feel an extra tug to get out the door when you see you’ve never been caching on a particular day.

The other features you may notice are a couple of improvements to the difficulty/terrain grid: completed squares are now shaded (using the same color that you choose for your profile), and totals are shown for each row and column.  Graphic design is definitely not my strong point, but hopefully this extra splash of color improves the look a little bit.

Other changes in this release include:

  1. If your oldest cache found has been archived, it also shows the oldest active cache you have found
  2. Fix a problem when counting streaks due to non-standard log dates in the GPX file
  3. Increase default height of the main window if the screen resolution supports it
  4. Minor cosmetic changes, including fixing a longest streak count which was getting truncated at 3 digits
  5. Better support for the Mono environment, which allows CacheStats to run under Mac and Linux (see the FAQ for more information).

To upgrade to this release, download from the CacheStats website and run the installation program.  Your previous version will be replaced so there is no need to uninstall it first.

Happy caching!

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