Version 3.0.7: Linking the Data with the Geocaches

by doug April 04, 2010 20:30

I just released an update to CacheStats that has a couple of new small features: first, you can now sort your location list (i.e. states and countries) by order found, number found, or alphabetically. Just click on the appropriate button at the bottom of the Locations tab.  Second, I’ve added “hyperlink” capability so you can navigate to specific caches or groups of caches in the caches tab by clicking on data in the statistics tab such as dates and grid entries. For example, if you want to see caches for a specific difficulty and/or terrain, you can click a cell in the D/T grid. Similarly, click in the calendar grid to take you to the caches found for a specific day or month. The following screen shots explain it much better than I can with words.

Here’s the difficulty/terrain grid. Notice numbers are now underlined indicating they are clickable.  When you click on a number, it will take you to the appropriate spot in your cache list on the caches tab.


Besides the D/T and Calendar grids, many of the lists (such as milestones and geocache size and type) are now navigable too. For example here’s a screenshot of the Cache Type list:


Finally, many of the dates that are shown on the statistics page will take you to the caches for that date:



If you enjoy reviewing your past accomplishments and recalling what happened when, I think you’ll like this new feature.  As usual, to upgrade, just download from the CacheStats website and start the installation.  Your previous version will automatically be uninstalled.

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4/12/2010 9:05:44 PM #


When I tried to run my stats tonight it won't give me the new data.  It shows todays date but last week's numbers.  I did the same thing I do every week but can't get it to work.  Help, please.

Sallie United States

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