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by doug March 16, 2009 21:00

CacheStats 3.0 is now available. Major changes include a grouping feature where you can group your found caches by specific categories (e.g. by owner or by difficulty), a news page which can display feeds from various geocaching blogs, including this one :-), search capability, and the ability to read the pocket query zip file directly.  Here's the full list of new features:


  • New user interface has 3 main tabs: news & status, statistics and caches found list
  • News page shows feeds from various geocaching blogs and geocaching forums 
  • Can now load the zip file from the pocket query (extraction of gpx file isn't required)
  • Difficulty/Terrain combinations grid

Cache List Enhancements

  • Group by a large variety of categories, e.g. show caches grouped by owner, by month found, by difficulty, etc.  Sort the groups alphabetically or by size of group.
  • Show all logs (not just found it logs), plus show log-type icons (e.g. smiley)
  • Search names, logs, description for specific text
  • Show cache description as html or plain text
  • Move identification of FTFs to cache listing tab to make it a more straightforward process
  • Show only: FTF's, caches with multiple finds, caches with DNF logs
  • Link to Google map showing cache location
  • Navigate to owner's profile from cache description
Enhancements when new GPX File is Detected
  • Now shows comparison information on the news and status page instead of a new window
  • Show caches that were archived (if any) since last pocket query
  • Show average difficulty and terrain of caches found since last pocket query

HTML Output Enhancements

  • Display non-english characters (e.g. umlaut) correctly
  • Show dates for most in day, most in month, etc.
  • Ability to open the profile editing page from the copy to clipboard confirmation dialog
  • Show Washington D.C. in US map
  • Show Canadian provinces in their own section instead of in "other states"
  • Show number of finds for each state and country in the locations list

I think that's most of them.  There were several features that I wanted to include that didn't make it into this release due to time constraints.  Hopefully it won't take me as long to get the next release out.  If you've got ideas for new features, feel free to post them here or send an email.

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4/2/2009 5:51:36 PM #


Thanks for the updates.  I see you included the D/T grid and I'm impressing with the options available for displaying my finds on the Caches tab.  I've already posted about the updates on my blog to go along with the 3-part review of the program I did last summer.  

However, I had a question and a suggestion.  The question is how to get my blog listed within the program?  The suggestion deals with the news and blog tab.  My suggestion would be to include in option to control how much is displayed.  For example, only displaying news and blog posts from the last XX days.  Also, I noticed that there seemed to be varying amounts of what is seen: News/Blog title with photo, News/Blog Title with photo and summary, and News/Blog Title with photo and full post (hope that makes sense).  A way to control that might be nice too, but just having this tab helps me keep up with some blogs that I sometimes forget to check in with.  

Thanks for the hard work and looking forward to seeing what you think of next (and maybe seeing my name on that tab ;P ).


TripCyclone United States

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